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October 9, 2012
"I am currently a third year Civil engineering undergraduate at Plymouth University in the UK. Over the summer I undertook a work placement at a helical piling company based in Gloucester that provided me with essential knowledge of a field I had never been introduced to before. Whilst there your book was of fantastic resource to me and helped me to quickly grasp the design aspects of helical piling. Now back at University I have decided to create my dissertation title based on helical piles and will almost definatly be finding your book extremely useful."

Ross Collier
Plymouth University, United Kingdom

August 14, 2012
"I am pleased to contact you and purchased your book, Helical Piles: a practical guide to design an installation. After I read your book I applied the theories and design to many fields. I thank you for your writing book."

Peter Lee
Bansuk Foundation Co. Ltd, South Korea

September 19, 2011
"Howard Perko does a great job in his book with mixing experience,along with common sense,into his approach on helical piles. The pictures are a great addition as they tend to tell the info he is trying to convey. This book is also loaded with great refrences.Great job Howard."

Tommy Pinion
Rock Solid Foundations, Alexandria, LA, USA

January 28, 2011
"I’m a consulting geotechnical engineer in Phoenix, AZ. The majority of the work that I perform is forensic in nature and I frequently recommend helical piles in order to address settlement issues in residential and commercial structures. I’ve been going through your recently published book Helical Piles: A practical guide to design and installation, and must commend you on a well written book; I’ve really enjoyed it."

Bryan Peltzer, P.E.
Senior Project Engineer
Peterson Geotechnical Group, LLC, Chandler, AZ, USA

January 16, 2011
"Thanks for putting the book together. It is a much needed resource in this industry. I have found it contains an enormous amount of practical information. I am a screw pile installer in Queensland, Australia. I do preliminary design for piles and pass on to an engineer for certification."

Chris Cantor
Q-Pile Foundations, Queensland, Australia

August 9, 2010
"I gotta tell you that even though I am not the biggest fan of universal application of helical products, your book is a great reference..."

Terence Holman, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Engineer

July 7, 2010
"(I have found chapters to be) uniformly well-written and informative. I particularly like the information provided in the sections on statistics and reliability. I have cited the book in several instances because I thought it offered the best, most economical explanation available of particular concepts."

Robert Hoyt, PE
Hoyt Engineering Associates, Blue Springs, MO

July 6, 2010
"Really enjoy your book, I refer to it all the time. While I have been involved with helical products since 1977, this text really puts into words and quantifies a lot of the practical experience I have gained over the years."

Garrie Cox
Technical Advisor

March 10, 2010
"...the text book is great!!"

John R. Hoppenjans
Chief Engineer, V.P.
Bowser-Morner, Inc., Toledo, OH

January 25, 2010
"I must first congratulate you on your recent publication. It is the first publication that covers all aspects of helical steel screw piles in a manner that is straight forward, practical but at the same time carries the academic creditability of a reference book.

I have been involved in foundation engineering since my 13 years time with the German Company, Bauer from 1980 and the last 11 years as Engineering Director of Piletech in New Zealand. Piletech is the premier specialist in the design and installation of helical steel screw piles. We have in that time carried out 30 - 40 Kilometres [on average] of screw piles per year with our piles now reaching 2,500 KN capacity using 323 CHS and 1.0 Metre helixes and conducted more than 350 static sustained load tests. All our piles have a welded end cap and are filled with 30 MPa concrete. You publication supports many of the criteria and test results we have concluded during the last 11 years and it is going to be invaluable as a reference book within the New Zealand market.

I am presenting a paper at the New Zealand Earthquakes, Piling and Deep Foundation Conference in May on Helical steel screw piles and would like to use your publication as a supporting reference book. In the meantime I am arranging the purchase of three copies for internal company use reference."

John Bush
Engineering Consultant
Piletech, Manukau, New Zealand

January 24, 2010
"I attended the DFI Seminar in Edmonton June last year, and finally got round to purchasing your book- well done!"

Mark Evans
Commercial Manager  |  Engineering
The Fletcher Construction Company Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand

June 1, 2009
"This is a really good book and well written. You should feel really proud about it."

Darin Willis, P.E.
Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC, Dallas, TX

March 13, 2009
"I believe that the book will provide a lot of useful information to designers and students."

Sitotaw Y Fantaye, P.E.
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, New York, NY

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